Drawing in Sand
Federico Clavarino

“Out of me now my mind can pour” 
Virginia Woolf

This course is structured around a very simple idea: we can do anything we want with photography.

Following such a statement, questions could arise, such as: A) What is it that I want to do? B) Why photography?

We will spend a few months grappling with questions A and B, before getting to the conclusion that there are no really satisfying answers. So why bother? Why go through the whole movie if you already know how it’s going to end? But then, couldn’t one say the same about life?

Each individual experience matters, which is why this course will be founded on the projects the participants will carry out during these five months. Everyone is going to start from the same point (that is, from scratch) and everyone will have to develop a self-sustaining work for the end of the course. This experience-based format will be accompanied by short theoretical sessions in which I will try to share my own ideas about photography, which will be open to debate.

At the end of the course the works will be formalised and presented to the public in an exhibition. This is not supposed to be the end result of the works, but just another stage in a process, a way of wrapping up the work and recognising it, something like a sketch in the sand.

This is more or less what we’ll be talking about:

SESSION 1 — space 1: Surfaces
SESSION 2 — space 2: Borders
SESSION 3 — time 1: Clocks
SESSION 4 — time 2: Fossils
SESSION 5 — body 1: Truth
SESSION 6 — body 2: Performativity
SESSION 7 — places 1: Walkscapes
SESSION 8 — places 2: Inhabited Space
SESSION 9 — montage 1: Elective Affinities
SESSION 10 — montage 2: The Atlas
Applications and enrollment: 
Applicants must pre-register in our website (here), and send a short bio and a portfolio to info@atelierdelisboa.pt until January 24th. Should you have any questions, please contact us at the same e-mail address.
Black and White Darkroom: Atelier de Lisboa has a black and white darkroom which may be used by students undertaking project courses. They may use it freely, and free of any charge, provided that they reserve a date in advance in our darkroom calendar. Students are expected to purchase their own film and photographic paper.

Notes: This course will be given in English. The duration of each class may very from 3h30m to 4h, depending on the number of students enrolled. This course will have a maximum of 12 students.

CALENDAR: Classes will take place over the course of 10 months every other week. Each class will begin at 7pm.


1 class every other week
Wed 7pm — 10.30pm/11pm
17th Oct 2018 — 10th Jul 2019
Tuition fees: 10 monthly payments of €125 

Enrollment now open